Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel



Available in Blacquer, Stone(fox) and Whirl(pool)



How to Get the Illusion of a Bigger Eye
Define with Highliner in Blacquer to emphasize the lash line. Line the waterline for a bright, wide-eyed appearance.

Brighten and enlarge eyes by applying In The Buff! at the inner corners of the eyes and along the waterline. You can also use it as an impromptu luminizer to highlight the temples, brow bone and the high part of the cheekbones.

How to Get the Illusion of Thicker Lashes
For the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes, run Highliner Waterproof Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer along the upper lashline, then apply two coats of Mascara.

How to Sharpen Highliner
Highliner contains a built-in sharpener at its base: To use, pop out the black sharpener and twist the tip of Highliner to sharpen. You can also sharpen Highliner against a tissue to form a precise point. Always close the cap tightly to keep Highliner’s supple glide and long wear.

Other Artist Pro Tips
– Highliner takes about 15 seconds to set, so if you work quickly with a small smudging brush, you can create an instant smoky eye with Blacquer, or any other smoky Highliner shade, such as Ro(cocoa) or (Stone)fox.

– Use Highliner as an eyeshadow base by blending it across the entire lid. Layer it under Plush Eyeshadow to create dimensional color.


  • Highliner Blacquer swatch Highliner Th(ink) 44 swatchHighliner Jazz(berry) 46 swatchHighliner Ro(cocoa) 48 swatch
  • Highliner N(ice) 50 swatchHighliner Intro(vert) 52 swatchHighliner Brown(out) 54 swatchHighliner O(vert) 56 swatch
  • Highliner (Stone)fox 58 swatchHighliner Plum(age) 60 swatchHighliner Ody(sea) 62 swatchHighliner (Luna)tic 64 swatchHighliner Obey-ge 66 swatchHighliner (Wave)length 68 swatchHighliner Mari(gold) 70 swatchHighliner Sunset 74 swatch
  • Highliner Navy Noir 76 swatchHighliner Orange Crush 78 swatchHighliner In the Buff 80 swatchHighliner Violet Femme 82 swatch
  • Highliner Blue Me Away 84 swatchHighliner Lollipop 86 swatchHighliner Top Seacret 88 swatchHighliner Peridot 90 swatch
  • Highliner Tabboo! 100 swatchHighliner Midnight in Paris swatch


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